Elaine’s Blogs and Web Projects:

This Little Piggy is the project blog for my attempt to follow a pig each in five ham-centric regions of the world from birth to ham.

Quack and the Beanstalk is a blog documenting a group effort to grow Tarbais beans for a cassoulet.

Nothing Happened Today  started as a series of “postcards” to my friends. This is where you’ll find the Sour Cherry Pie posts archived.

The Black Bania is the legendary sauna in a tipi on a frozen lake in Minnesota.

Touch and Taste is a photo archive of Korean food compiled during my residency in Seoul in 2008.

Heart’s Content is an archive of emailed reviews of takeout food that culminated in an Eat In.

Social Media:

Facebook: This Little Piggy Project Page

Twitter: @thispiglet

instagram: @thispiglet

Other Stuff:

Siena Art Institute Artist Profile Video