Elaine Tin Nyo is a conceptual artist with a kitchen and a studio in Harlem. Using performance, video, photography, cooking and writing, she reframes the everyday rituals of food and its preparation so we may reflect on the inherent beauty and value of the seemingly unimportant moments of our lives. In addition to her visual arts background, she has learned at the side of home cooks and restaurant chefs on three continents. She has received project support from Creative Capital, the Bronx Museum, Seoksu Art Project, Franklin Furnace, and The Phillips Collection, among others. Her photographs, food, videos, installations, and performances have been presented at museums internationally.


What is your last name, and how do you pronounce it?
My last name is “Tin Nyo”. Both words are capitalized and there is a space between them. Like most transliterated foreign names, you simply pronounce every letter. So it sounds something like: tin ne-yo. Stress the first word.

Why does so much of your art involve food?
Because everybody has to eat.

Can you tell me about the picture?
It was taken at the beach.

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