Edible Magritte at MoMA

Edible Magritte at MoMA (Young Girl Eating Bird/Pleasure) (6 x 9”) Dark chocolate bird filled with raspberries and rum) (2013)


Edible Magritte, 2013
Museum of Modern Art
Six-course Menu

This dinner experience interpreted the Rene Magritte exhibition at MOMA in 2013. In collaboration with Chef Lynn Bound of MOMA’s Cafe2, I developed a six-course menu based on several works in the exhibition. The evening included a tour by one of the exhibition curators. The final course of the meal required the diners to reenact the pivotal and carnal painting, Girl Eating Birl/Pleasure. No utensils were offered. Diners bit into their birds, red juice gushed out and the chocolate melted on their bare hands revealing the raspberry “guts.”