Sour Cherry Pie

Sour Cherry  Pie, 2004-present
Homemade sour cherry pies, invitations, emails, three weeks, annual performance

Sour Cherry Pie is an annual art project that is part endurance performance, part journal. For nearly a decade, I have made one sour cherry pie a day and shared them with my friends and acquaintances. I send an email report to the pie list each time a pie is consumed. The performance lasts as long as the cherry season, about three weeks. It happens in the most intimate of spaces: my kitchen, your mouth, a picnic basket, your table, a park bench, my private email list and an under-trafficked blog. You can read the emails on my blog Nothing Happened Today.

My first electronic artist book, “Sour Cherries 2012” chronicles the 20 sour cherry pies that I baked during the heat wave of 2012. This iBook includes over 250 original photographs, video and text. (iPad only) Available on the iBookstore


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