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Surface Magazine: Will Work With Food

Will Work for Art, by Kevin West Surface Magazine December 08, 2017 Read more here … (excerpt) A different aspect of identity, its subjectivity, animates “Sour Cherry Pie” (2004–present), Elaine Tin Nyo’s study of Americana. Once widely grown as “pie cherries,” the fruit is now as rare as homemade pie—“a cult,” says Tin Nyo. Every year during their brief midsummer season, she bakes pies daily and takes them to friends, sharing a slice with each one. Some days she eats nothing but pie. On the surface, the annual rite appears generous, if perhaps eccentric. Tin Nyo sees a deep-dish slice of… A Slice of Pie, a Painting of the Sea

From Hyperallergic Weekend: Thomas Micchelli writes about the seascapes of Pat de Groot, “quiet marvels of paint-as-image, delicately rendered convergences of pigment and texture,” and the food-based projects of conceptual artist Elaine Tin Nyo, “whose practice includes baking one sour cherry pie per day in July, the month the fruit ripens on the tree, until her supply of fresh cherries runs out.” What the two artists share “is a humility in the face of immensity, an infusion of the vicissitudes of daily living into art’s rigorous embrace.” Read more here.

Sour Cherries 2012 available on iBookstore

My first electronic artist book, Sour Cherries 2012, chronicles the 20 sour cherry pies that I baked during the heat wave of 2012. This iBook includes over 250 original photographs,  video and text. (iPad only) Sour Cherry Pie is an annual art project that is part endurance performance, part journal. For nearly a decade, I have made one sour cherry pie a day and shared them with my friends and acquaintances. I send an email report to the pie list each time a pie is consumed. The performance lasts as long as the cherry season, about three weeks. It happens in the most intimate of…

Press for Edible Magritte at MoMA

Here are a few links for the “Edible Magritte” dinners at MoMA on October 29 and November 14, 2013. HYPERALLERGIC: This Is Not a Meal by Thomas Micchelli ARTNEWS: Excuse Me While I Eat the Sky: Magritte for Dinner at MoMA by Frances Vigna WSJ: Dinner in the Clouds “Edible Magritte” Offers Surrealist-Inspired Dishes at the MoMA by Andy Battaglia CONDE NAST TRAVELER: At MoMA, Make Your Own Magritte Masterpiece. Out of Food. by Krisanne Fordham GOTHAMIST: Art Made Edible At Magritte-Inspired Dinner Series At MoMA by Nell Casey BBC World Radio: listen to Matt Wells’ report