Waste Lines

Waste Lines by Bee Wilson, Times Literary Supplement June 21, 2019 2019.06.21_Times Literary Supplement_Print_review  

Surface Magazine: Will Work With Food

Will Work for Art, by Kevin West Surface Magazine December 08, 2017 Read more here … (excerpt) A different aspect of identity, its subjectivity, animates “Sour Cherry Pie” (2004–present), Elaine Tin Nyo’s study of Americana. Once widely grown as “pie cherries,” the fruit is now as rare as homemade pie—“a cult,” says Tin Nyo. Every year during their brief midsummer season, she bakes pies daily and takes them to friends, sharing a slice with each one. Some days she eats nothing but pie. On the surface, the annual rite appears generous, if perhaps eccentric. Tin Nyo sees a deep-dish slice of…